At the end of each and every day, the most important thing is that we are all able to make it home safely. The Blue Star family is fully committed to helping not only ourselves, but everyone within our family and others working around us to make it home safely. Our goal is not to reduce the number of unplanned occurrences and accidents; it is to eliminate them altogether.

Our primary goals:

Ensure compliance with Federal and Local and project specific health and safety requirements and standards

Eliminate personal injury, illness and property damage losses

Thoroughly investigate any incident that should occur to ensure that the same accident does not occur again

How we achieve these goals:

Pre-construction planning and coordination meetings with all onsite employees

Regular safety training for all employees including OSHA 10 Hour construction safety certification and OSHA 30 Hour certification for all management/foremen

Weekly Jobsite safety meetings

Weekly safety audits of each project

Regular safety meetings held to ensure our health and safety program is up to date

Safety incentives for all employees to encourage a safe jobsite

Blue Star, Inc. takes pride in our low EMR of 0.89, which is a result of safety preparedness before accidents occur on the jobsite. While our EMR is lower than the average, it is not 0.00. Because we are striving to reach ZERO incidents, Blue Star is implementing a new safety policy companywide. Safety is not only the responsibility of our Safety Managers, but of each and every employee, which is why we are setting a goal to have every employee that steps foot onsite trained with a minimum of the following:

Pre-employment Safety Orientation

OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety Certification

OSHA 30 Hour for Management and Foremen

In addition to the training listed above, Blue Star is committing to the following programs for onsite employees:

New Hire Training – HAZCOM, PPE, Respiratory Protection, Etc.

Focus FOUR Training – Fall protection, Caught In, Struck By or Electrical Safety

First Aid/CPR Training

Respiratory Training

In an effort to further improve upon our safety record, Blue Star, Inc. has recently appointed two independent CAM representatives, Joe Forgue and Tracey Alfonsi, who are actively involved in our safety program and will attend pre-construction safety meetings with Blue Star, upon request, to ensure we are making our best effort to maintain a safe workplace. In addition to implementing the above policies and safety programs, we would also welcome the opportunity to meet with OSHA onsite to conduct a preconstruction site walkthrough together to survey the upcoming work and point out any potential hazards or concerns.