Complete Building Demolition

From disconnects to debris removal, Blue Star has the capacity and expertise to completely handle your structure demolition from roof to footings. Our large inventory of equipment allows us to get the job done quickly and safely, starting from permit acquisition through final seeding and mulching of the site.

Selective Demolition

Whether your needs include removal of ceilings, concrete floors or load bearing walls Blue Star can handle all of your project needs! Blue Star is familiar with the obstacles of remodels that typically occur in buildings maintaining active operations. Each project is carefully assessed to maximum safety and eliminate disruption to active operations. We’re sure to  utilize the latest machinery, tools & technology to accomplish the most difficult tasks

Emergency Demolition

Blue Star is available 24 hours a day to assist you in emergency situations. Ranging from home/building fires to collapsed structures, Blue Star is the one to call when things go awry! For emergency demolition services please contact 810-459-6175

Concrete & Asphalt Removal

Blue Star has the capability to cut concrete slab, elevated slab, pre-cast walls and structural concrete with no impact on air quality. With equipment ranging from Bobcats armed with hydraulic breaker attachments, electric equipment and robotics we’re confident we can precisely handle all your concrete removal needs

Structural Shoring

With over 30 years of experience, Blue Star is capable of providing structural shoring for existing building renovations. Each project is specifically analyzed to accomplish the necessary means to support which includes engineered drawings if required.